Ministry Convictions

What are the convictions that help shape our ministry as a local church? We have three ministry aims that give shape to the life and worship of Grace Baptist. These aims produce three mindsets that prodive structure to the ministry of the gospel among our members.

Ministry Aims


God is passionate about his glory. All of creation exists to glorify God. God has redeemed us through the gospel for his own glory. The church, at its most basic level, is about glorifying God as people are gathered into God’s family and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. And this is good news for us because God’s glory is the most beautiful and satisfying reality in the universe. Therefore, in our ministry and life together, we seek to be centered on God and his glory, so that our passion is the same as his.


God always creates his people by His Word. He called Abraham by His Word (Gen. 12:1-3), He created his people Israel through His Word, (Exodus 19-20) and He called out His church through His Word (Eph. 2:1-10; cf. Jn. 1:1-3). As a local church, we are part of God’s plan of gathering his people together, and we believe he will do this work in us through his Word. Therefore, we seek to be driven by the Word in our ministry and life together.


The gospel of Jesus Christ is the center of God’s eternal plan for creation. The Bible shows how this plan has been worked out through history and will culminate in all of God’s people worshipping the Lamb who sits on the throne. This means that the gospel is more than our initial point of salvation. It is, rather, the very hope and foundation of our lives as believers. It is the heart of Christian discipleship. Therefore, we seek to be focused on the gospel in our ministry and life together.

Ministry Mindsets

Corporate over Individual

Instead of viewing church merely as a place where our needs are met, we view church as a place where we serve to meet other people’s needs. What’s more, we understand that our spiritual health as Christians is intricately connected with the ministry of the Body to which we belong. 

Culture over Program

Instead of relying solely on discipleship programs, we strive for a culture where members disciple members. Programs may serve our discipleship efforts, but even the best programs are a means not an end. 

Covenant over Convenience

Biblical community is never convenient. Instead of prioritizing convenience, we strive to think in terms of covenant – a promise that we make to one another to live out the Christian life together.