Church Membership

Church membership is an important part of our life together at Grace Baptist. Why? Because church membership is about the gospel. As we live together as covenant members of GBC, our commitment to each other helps make the gospel visible.

For those who are interested in joining GBC, we have a four step process:

Attend the Membership Matters class

Membership Matters is an informative class that gives you a more complete understanding of our church. In the sessions, you will learn about our Vision and Mission, our Statement of Faith, our leadership style, and many other important areas!

Interview with the Pastors

The next step is to set up an interview with the pastors of GBC. This is a great opportunity for our pastors to hear your testimony and for you to ask them questions about the church.

Complete the Getting to Know You Questionnaire

Candidates for membership will write their personal testimony and answer a few other questions. This will then be published in the church newsletter so that the members of GBC can get to know you better.

Congregational Approval

Candidates for membership will be asked to attend a Member’s Meeting, where the congregation will vote to make you an official part of our church family!